Monday, March 27, 2017


Mark "Two Brains" Damazer refrained from signing the "we're frightened by Brexit" round-robin that was produced from Oxford University a fortnight ago.  The Master of St Peter's and former Controller of Radio 4 is still a BBC Trustee until April 4th, and wanted to maintain impartiality.

However it seems he was prepared to share some thoughts with members of the Royal Geographical Society in Hong Kong, at an event last week sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank, and entitled, in typical Damazer*, "The BBC: A Study in Imperfect Nobility; Post Truth & Digital Chaos". I'm sure we have some readership in Honkers, and details will flood in soon-ish.

*Damazer was a semi-official internal language during his time at BBC News, with its own constantly-updated dictionary.

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