Thursday, March 16, 2017

Four sight

Broadcast names Tim Davie and Jay Hunt as front runners to replace David Abraham at Channel 4.

Tim Davie's earnings at BBC Worldwide in the last full year were £664k (the Beeb's highest paid employee); David Abraham pocketed £881k - the Chief Executive's package is currently capped at £930k. Tim has been with the BBC since 2005; the suggestion that Lord Hall could stay as DG until 2019, if not 2020. might influence his next move.

Jay Hunt, as Chief Creative Officer at C4, is on £588k. When Lord Hall first arrived back at the Beeb, it was thought she was on his list of potential recruits. If she moved up to the top at Horseferry Road or a new address, it would add spice to a range of currently-idling spats with the BBC, with James Purnell and Charlotte Moore, over Bake-Off and general past history.

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