Monday, March 27, 2017

Driven HR

Another indicator of how the BBC is transforming itself. It is setting up a "Resourcing & Talent Contingent Workforce Team", and needs no less than four Resourcing Advisors. Reading between the lines, their job is to ensure that freelance hires don't end up with staff rights and, en passant, upset the Taxman.

"The Resourcing Advisor will have demonstrable knowledge about current best practice, especially around temporary and contingent workforces. You will have some knowledge of Jurisdictional law [sic], regulation and policy in relation to talent & resourcing. The Resourcing Advisor will analyse information rapidly and be able to make informed judgments and provide advice on the best option to progress in line with established process."

"Tenacity is a key attribute of the Resourcing Advisor as you will be driven to achieve the right result despite challenging internal / external circumstances".

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  1. At this rate the "Resourcing & Talent Contingent Workforce Team" will soon have more staff than the BBC's Religion and Ethics department. Another episode for W1A maybe....


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