Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Heaven forfend that there might be a return to plotting at the BBC, where Lord Hall has promised to change that sort of culture. The new Private Eye suggests there's a collaboration between Director of News James Harding and Director of Radio and Education James Purnell, set up to lessen the position of Director of Content Charlotte Moore. And this, on International Women's Day. The diary piece fails to mention that Lord Hall has only four places in his direct gift on the new BBC Board, one for him, one for Anne Bulford, and two for ?

James Purnell, who in theory has ceded his strategy brief to Anne Bulford, and policy to the DG, is still out and about offering thought leadership. His "Future of Broadcasting" lecture is still available on the iPlayer. On Thursday, he's found time for an appearance at Adweek Europe, discussing the BBC's evolution; he's billed as the BBC's senior strategist.

Does he have any record as a plotter ? Try this piece, from Allegra Stratton, from 2009. Or, for a longer read, Tom Bower's book Broken Dreams, which covers the influence of a young No 10 strategist and amateur footballer on the future of football in this country - and how it won him a seat as an MP.

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