Friday, March 3, 2017

Channel hopping

Another Hard Day's Night at ITV. Prime Suspect, re-booted to 1973, did well at 9pm, with an average of 5.35m watching - a share of 27.1%. But then they risked some real ads (instead of the previous sponsor bumpers and trails) in front of The Nightly Show, and it was back down below News at Ten averages, with 1.38m, an 8.9% share. The ITV News at Ten Thirty was down to 864k, while the BBC's News at Huw was firm, with 4.32m (27.8% share).

Audience Appreciation Indexes, created by asking a panel of viewers to score shows out of 100, from Wednesday night indicate more trouble for The Nightly Show. A score of above 90 is great, above 80 solid, and below 70 struggling. The Nightly Show got 65.

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