Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Where was he ?

Two new sets of minutes from the BBC Executive have landed online - sharing the same omission. James Harding, Director of News, is not noted as an attendee at either the December or January meetings - nor as someone who has sent apologies. Which is odd, as one of the meetings discussed progress on his plans to recruit hacks serving both the BBC and local newspapers.

The summary minutes are as cryptic as ever....

"Executive Board noted an update on the myBBC programme. The majority of planned work would be completed over the next few months and the platform transition to ‘Business As Usual’ in line with the original schedule. The second phase will continue until the end of July for the ID platform."

A cynic, or the NAO, might read this as a cute way of reporting a project overrun, without mentioning money. I wonder who the Project Sponsor is now, as Helen Boaden is clearly thinking big thoughts and a future outside Auntie at Harvard.

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