Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What The Papers Say

"If the first night proves representative, the show may struggle to equal, on any of its five nights, the level of star power that Graham Norton manages on his one. It will need to answer firmly the question: why this at that time?" Mark Lawson, The Guardian

"Looking at what had replaced him in the schedules, newsreader Tom Bradby must have been gnashing his teeth with frustration. The Nightly Show needs to improve fast if ITV are to avoid expensive dental bills - not to mention egg on their faces." Michael Hogan, The Telegraph

"As controllers have found before, it’s risky moving around the heavier furniture of television schedules, riskier even than Walliams was risqué. I did not feel the pleasurable shock of the new, I felt as if something awkward had landed on my foot."  Andrew Billen, The Times

And from the Interweb Worldwide Information Highway

"In the intro, Walliams joked that confused viewers might think ‘the News At Ten’s gone a bit down-market’. Downmarket’s not the issue, bland is. The Nightly Show does not feel like the mustn’t-miss proposal that ITV need it to be. The gamble hasn’t paid off."  Steve Bennett, Chortle

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