Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tied to their desks

BBC expenses are out for Quarter 2 2016/17 - and Lord Hall's got the management under his thumb - remarkably few flights outside the UK for the suits, at least at the BBC's expense.

Indeed, easier just to list them.

Justin Bairamian, Director BBC Creative (whatever that might be) had a trip to Tallin.
Nick Betts, Head of Scripted in the new BBC Studios, went to New York.
Shirley Cameron, in Finance, went to Chennai.
Andy Conroy, Head of R&D, went to Amsterdam.
Alan Davey, Controller of Radio 3, managed a couple of nights in Berlin.
James Harding, Director of News, went to New York for a conference.
Mark Harrison, grandly titled Director of Transformation, went to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Ian Haythornthwaite, Finance, also went to Chennai.
Mary Hockaday, World Service, went to Phoenix, Arizona.
David Jordan, Editorial Policy, went to Montreal, as did Damian Kavanagh, the Controllor of BBC3 and Fran Unsworth of Global News
Alison Kirkham, TV Factual went to Washington to meet PBS.
Tom McDonald, running TV Commissioning went to Washington twice, and New York.
Jonathan Munro, running Newsgathering, went to Beirut, Singapore and Bangkok.
Neelay Patel, looking after TV systems, went to Amsterdam,as did Robin Pembrooke, and their big boss Matthew Postgate, Chief Information Officer
Alice Webb of Children's TV went to Cannes
Gwyneth Williams, of Radio 4, spent four nights in Accra.

They're all cowed. Even Bal Samra, former King of the Cabs, only had one claim.

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