Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sound women needed

Here's a good bet. The next person appointed to run a BBC network or channel will be a woman.

Quietly, the reshaping of these jobs, away from Television and Radio, into Content and Radio & Education, has left a vast preponderance of blokes running output.

In Radio, Gwyneth Williams is the only woman minding networks - Radio 4 and Radio 4 Xtra (though Tony Pilgrim is Executive Editor of the digital channel). Otherwise, from James via Bob as his Number 2, you have Ben, Alan, Jonathan, Lewis and Paul running the rest. James Purnell has to take some comfort in other bits of his portmanteau portfolio, with Alice Webb running Children's, supported by Cheryl Taylor, CBBC; Kay Benbow, CBeebies; and Sinead Rocks, Head of Learning (though neither Kay and Sinead bother the BBC list of those paid more than £150k).

If you want to make a programme for any of the BBC's national radio networks, the commissioning guideline pages give you 14 contacts. Only one Sioned Wiliam, looking after comedy for Radio 4, is a woman.

In Content/TV, with Charlotte at the top, BBC national networks are run by Patrick, Cassian, Damian and Dan. Charlotte gets some comfort from Barbara Slater as Director of Sport, Victoria Jaye minding the iPlayer, and can point to six women in the top eleven commissioning roles.

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