Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Learning from others

Quietly, the Government is pressing ahead with commercial radio de-regulation. The Americans did most of this in the last century. Here are a selection of views about the consquences....

"The most significant consequence of deregulation has been that `local' radio stations are completely insulated from any form of direct community influence that is not contained within channels created and controlled by industry. In the USA, the idea of `public interest' in radio broadcasting is now defined entirely in the terms of private industry." Deterritorializing Radio: Charles Fairchild 1999

"In the same way that every mall in every city has the same stores carrying the same products, you can tune into a Clear Channel radio station in Phoenix and hear the same music that the Clear Channel station in Milwaukee is playing. Sometimes the same announcer, too. Just try calling their request line !"  Contribution to Policy Debate 2007

"The Telecom Act unleashed an unprecedented wave of radio mergers that left a highly consolidated national radio market and extremely consolidated local radio markets. Radio programming from the largest station groups remains focused on just a few formats—many of which overlap with each other, enhancing the homogenization of the airwaves."  Future of Music report 2006.

"Between 1994 and 2001, the number of full-time radio newsroom staff shrank by 44 percent, and part-time news staff by more than two-thirds, 71 percent."  Pew State of the Media report 2004

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