Saturday, February 4, 2017


Marginal stuff, I know, but someone sitting at a BBC computer has just edited James Purnell's page on Wikipedia. The change, talking about his elevation to BBC Director of Radio and Education, alters "He will take up his new position in late October" to "He took up is new position in late October". Yep - there's an 'h' missing.

The same computer terminal has made edits on Black Peas, a Lancashire delicacy served with malt vinegar, most often around Bonfire Night; added and then removed someone called Jayson Turner from the list of Famous Redheads; and removed a suggestion on the iPlayer entry that it is "Colin's favorite audio and visual entertainment center, he likes to watch last weeks game on it with a towel over the TV as it reminds him of the good old days of listening to the wireless in Nigg."

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