Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shiny ?

Let It Shine on BBC1 claimed the overnight ratings honours, with 6.25m average, a 29.9% share. The Voice ITV UK was watched by an average of 5.95m (26.9 share).

The Voice did much better with those aged 4 to 34, whilst Let It Shine's audience was older and more upmarket. The BBC is still struggling with yoof magnets, and Will I Am is a loss in this respect. Gary Kemp and Dannii Minogue ain't the right answer to any question.

Taboo did ok for BBC1, with an average of 4.79m (22.9% share) - though it lost around half a million over its timeslot (whereas both The Voice and Let It Shine grew). The BBC's investment partners on this one are, whisper it, FOX TV's cable channel FX, where it launches in the US and Canada on Tuesday night.

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