Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year resolution

The BBC's plans for Scotland ought to come soon. The pressure group "Inform Scotland" is pushing ahead with a crowd-funded ad campaign which asks "Is the BBC Mis-Reporting Scotland ?" in the second half of January, with single posters in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, Dundee and Wishaw. Their advertising partners Clear Channel made them turn a statement into a question for the billboards, but apparently have decided there's no such restraint necessary for ad-vans, where the poster will read "The BBC is Mis-Reporting Scotland".

They've made up their mind about the new regime at Pacific Quay. Here's the thoughts of Inform Scotland author Peter A Bell (left) on Donalda McKinnon:  

"The most striking thing about Donalda MacKinnon’s pleas on behalf of the BBC in Scotland is that she sounds exactly like the leader of British Labour in Scotland (BLiS). The tone is identical. A tone of wheedling condescension that somehow manages to be simultaneously self-effacing and self-righteous. An elusive shifting between superficial mea culpa and thinly-veiled rebuke. An admission of fault from which all the sincerity has been sucked by an underlying insistence that the error lay in a failure to take due account of the public’s obdurate inability to comprehend."

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