Sunday, January 8, 2017


Is it possible that BBC drama script editors are just losing the vowels in a bizarre "Only Connect" hunt for authenticity ?

After the frr (furore) over Jaw-maker Grin, which turned out not to be an undiscovered 18th century rictus, but a Daphne Du Maurier classic re-recorded carefully with the sound assistant placing mikes in the field or room next to the action, came complaints about a new series of Hppy Vlly.  BBC Drctr f Cntnt, Chrltt Mr, issued yet more guidelines.

For Chrstms, Slly Wnwrght, begetter of Hppy Vlly, created a new tale about the Bronte sisters, called To Gabble Inaudible To Walk Invisible. Three actresses, different sizes of Mrs Pepperpot, talked rapidly to each other out of the sides of their mouths, in strng Yrkshr dlct, with the odd word (usually 'publisher') breaking through. This upset Jan Leeming, which is something the BBC should never do.

Last night brought us new blockbuster Tb (Taboo), a mangled version of The Count of Monte Cristo meets An Inspector Calls, dramatised by The Chuckle Brothers. It stars (and is the big idea of) Tom Hardy, which ought to be alright because apparently he is a hnk. Unfortunately, the plot requires our mumbling hero to utter invocations in a language that is NOT ENGLISH, which renders all leaning forward and attempts at lip-reading USELESS.

Chrltt will be up before Tny Hll on Mndy.

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