Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Deepjoy. The BBC has found a way to release some more recent details about staff on the infamous Grade 11, seen by many as a new third tier of management pay below SM1 and SM2. The inquiry was first made on October 2, and time and money has been wonderfully wasted on an internal review, which acknowledged that the information was late under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

The figures reveal the 52% of staff graded at 11 are paid more than the published salary 'roof'.  Most HR consultants would tell you that means the grading system, at least at this level, is bust. Worse, the employer is at risk from big discrimination issues, if analysis shows that, say, men were more likely to be above the roof of the grade than women. And at the very top of 11, the BBC acknowledges that some, "a few", exceed £150k p.a.- clearly running into the band above, which the BBC tells so regularly has been cut.

The BBC wants all of us who use their response to include this very poorly drafted paragraph:

“We have cut the senior pay bill by £30m from having fewer and fewer senior managers and grade 11s. Many are highly skilled specialists – from engineers to onscreen talent - and we face fierce competition to get the right people who can produce outstanding programmes and services and excellent value for money.”

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