Friday, January 27, 2017

Easy tiger

Jeremy Paxman has joined the ranks of hacks-on-high-life-holidays, signing up for two days accompanying guests paying close to £4,000 a head for luxury rail trip from Victoria Falls to South Africa. On the first night he hosts dinner at the Victoria Falls Hotel. According to tour operators Cazenove+Loyd, "this is a rare chance to hear Jeremy’s insightful thoughts on the work of explorers of the era and their context in the British Empire."

According to the Globe and Mail, Jeremy then stays nearby on the Zambezi, as the Pride of Africa train departs. "In return for sharing his expertise on Zimbabwe, Paxman gets a free vacation for himself and his partner, plus a per diem (though Cazenove+Loyd co-owner Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell won’t say exactly how healthy that payment is) and an opportunity to tag on a spot of tiger fishing, one of the man’s great passions."

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