Monday, January 16, 2017

Double your money

Mildly entertained that the BBC is looking to appoint an extra person to man mark Ofcom. The new Head of Regulation and Economics will "work with the Director, Policy, to build an efficient and effective relationship between the BBC and Ofcom in relation to the regulation of the activities of the BBC, as set out in the new Charter and Framework Agreement".

The quality of the relationship is already at risk. Ofcom thinks it needs 77 people to handle the BBC account - setting service licences, handling complaints etc. The BBC Trust, which employed some 63 people last year, says only 35 of them were "regulatory", and they only cost £3.8m a year. The Daily Telegraph says Ofcom wants £9m pa to do the job. It matters 'cos it all comes out of the licence fee.

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  1. Have popped my FOI request off to Ofcom asking details of all those on more than £50k, and their cohabitees, who have evrr been remunerated by the BBC.


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