Monday, January 30, 2017


Editors of The Today Programme have not, as yet, suffered from salary transparency. That should mean that none of them has been paid more than £150k - the BBC's self-imposed disclosure level for salaried senior staff.

I can't believe that the Lebedevs are meanies with their top people, paying them well to be careful with the money below. James Harding got Ian Katz from The Guardian for £150,600. Sarah must be on more, but we probably won't know for at least three months.

Is theirs a longer promise ? Is James assembling a team of trusties to run news when he vies to succeed Lord Hall as DG ?

Meanwhile, the unsuccessful internal candidates, the majority from the distaff side, are left to ruminate over the job specification, which requires "extensive experience of broadcast journalism" and "a sound appreciation of studio production techniques". Presumably Sarah cited the largely-unwatched London Live and three Question Time appearances. She'll be on a steep curve to increase "tune-in-time", once somebody works out what it means.

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