Friday, December 2, 2016

True to type

I admit to a certain fuddy-duddiness when considering current BBC priorities. Yesterday Auntie revealed a new, specially-designed logo for The Archers, to be used on the website, social media etc. I've no idea of the budget involved, but apparently it took two years of meetings for it to be agreed, and I bet they weren't costed.

Now whispers reach me of a plan for a new BBC font. Specially designed for Auntie. That's what the licence fee payers are crying out for..."Whadda we want ?" "A new font !" "When do we want it ?" "Now", is a refrain echoing around the UK's living rooms. There must be a pile of letters to Points of View and Newswatch - "We've had enough of the BBC following the herd. Helvetica simply isn't distinctive enough, and as for Georgia Italic for quotes, etc - I shall be taking this up with the DCMS".

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