Monday, December 19, 2016


Norway makes radio history in the New Year  - claiming to be the first country in the world to switch off FM transmissions.

From January 11, national public services from NRK and national commercial services cease on FM, region by region, starting in Nordland and finishing in Troms and Finmark next December. Oslo switches off in September next year.  Some local FM stations will stay on air for five more years - but for national stations, an estimated 8 million FM radios (Norway's population is 5m) will be of no use by 2018.

Norway estimates a saving of £17m a year on powering the FM network. It's fulfilling a pledge made two years ago. Even then, DAB coverage on the country's roads was said to be better than FM, and commercial DAB services covered 90% of the population.

The first switch off takes place in Bodo, with former head of BBC Radio Helen Boaden in attendance.

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