Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Modern Korean

This blog has noted many recent experiments by BBC News with Facebook, including so-called 'live' reporting, live 'chats' and interviews. It's not clear whether or not money changes hands - Facebook's bid for world dominance in news (and apparent tolerance of fake news) produced quarterly income of $7bn in most recent figures - or perhaps this use of the licence-fee is another pell-mell charge into The Future, driven by incessant clamouring from licence-fee payers.

However, steely-eyed BBC Newsgathering chief Jonathan Munro may be more circumspect about Facebook from this week. Private Eye noted, amongst other things, that he posted pictures a week ago from a meal at a top Korean restaurant in Copenhagen (shared from his private Instagram account). He was there for a conference about news, and clearly his free time was his own. Churls, however, spotted that the cheapest menu comes in at around £60, and the full six-course Monty £112.

"Truly expensive", he commented "but everything v tasty".

Here's the full December menu.

Singapore style tom yam soup served with prawn crackers
Spicy salad with cucumber mint and asian style gravlax
Scallops "Pad Thai" with salt baked carrots peanuts &lemongrass
Frozen red curry with lobster & litchi
Beef Massaman with potatoes & jasmine rice
Banana cake with salted coconut lime & thai basil

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