Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Like ?

The latest minutes from the BBC Executive Board are as elliptical as ever.

My highlight ?

Executive Board discussed the importance of developing a means of measuring engagement with the BBC’s output on social media, with particular regard to improving audience data for 16-34’s. The Board agreed that a session on cross media measurement should come to a future meeting.

Decoded ? We'll, we're doing tons of stuff on Facebook. We can't trust their measurements, so we'd better come up with one of our own.

Yesterday's BBC News Facebook page was blessed with a live 35 minute Q&A with John Simpson, to follow on John's Panorama special. Top questions texted included "Is Laphroaig still your favourite whisky ?" Would you make a good Prime Minister ?" "How wonderful to hear smart discussions of top issues...". "How does it feel to be the David Attenborough of war ?". 281k views, at time of writing, but of course, we don't know how long each viewer stayed.

All this tied up two decent journalists - Simpson, and his interlocutor Christian Fraser - at a time when they might have been assisting on coverage of the Berlin truck attack.

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