Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Layer cake

The BBC has published an update about how it has been responding to the Dame Janet Smith review. Here's two paragraphs from the section about culture.

"We are now implementing changes to our organisational framework which reduce the levels of management, such that there should be no more than seven layers from the DirectorGeneral to front line employees – at the time of writing we have this structural shape in place across 98% of the organisation, with work underway to address the remaining parts.

"More recently, we announced some further changes to our executive team with a new, smaller Executive Committee which allows for a more agile approach to problem-solving, with collaboration at the centre of the new model. "

Mmmm. Interesting use of 'front line employees'; as far as BBC transparency allows, there are still salary grades 2 to 11, plus two senior management grades - which, by my maths, adds up to 12 layers between Tone and entry-level workers. If front line workers means the lowest paid of those who appear on air, then I still make it nine.

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