Saturday, December 17, 2016

In vino veritas

Albertine's wine bar, at the bottom of Wood Lane, W12, scene of innumerable, sustained, white-wine fuelled attacks on the incompetence of generations of BBC senior managers (in their absence) is closing as we know it on 23rd December.

It's been in operation for 38 years, started by Camilla Murray and Sarah McEverdy, until Giles Phillips became sole proprietor in 1983. That was when BBC Breakfast started, and, on Friday mornings soon after, Albertine discreetly opened its doors at 0930 for staff starting the weekend early. House red and white ran at £3.70 a bottle. Newsnight held two Christmas parties there, one of which was halted by the police.

Eastenders creators Tony Holland and Julia Smith used the wine bar as a base when pitching the idea, and for many years after it was established.

It's not closing entirely - there's a new team coming in, who plan to re-open in late January.

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