Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christian thoughts

I share, at this festive time, this piece of broadcasting heresy from behind the Times paywall - an attack on Sir Nicky Campbell.

"Outside the Christmas season some of the BBC’s religious output is so tired and formulaic it belongs to a different decade of programming. Take The Big Questions on a Sunday morning. It’s essentially the same format as the 1990s Central Weekend — right down to having Nicky Campbell as the host — enlivened only by a meagre attempt to engage with social media. What’s more, it’s shown at a time when much of the Christian audience it’s aimed at will be at church."

It's from the Rev Arun Arora, a self-styled Jesus freak and currently Director of Communications for the C of E. He spent four years as an employment lawyer in Birmingham (at a time when Nicky was presenting the Friday night chat show 'Central Weekend' from the city), before joining his local Bishop's comms team, then becoming a priest in 2004.

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