Monday, November 14, 2016

Tower blocking

BBC staffers still toiling at White City could find it all a little shadier in the future. The new landlords are proposing three new blocks on the space at the south of the former White City Stadium site, with the tallest rising to 22 storeys above ground, and the next a healthy 12. The existing buildings to the north are no more than six or seven storeys.

The space is currently part grassed, and nice for picnics, and part, a rather damaged temporary car park (Reader, I worked on its design !) now functioning as a sort of compound for odd vehicles. At one stage, the BBC proposed a new concert hall should complete the site. If Hammersmith & Fulham Council had been friendlier to Auntie, it might have happened.

The architects are Allies & Morrison; these are not designs, but demonstrations of the proposed shape and scale of the buildings, named, imaginatively, Gateway West, Gateway Central and Gateway East.

New buildings in red shaded area

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