Friday, November 18, 2016


  • Earlier this month Sky News boss John Ryley told the Guardian "We are making the biggest investment since Sky News began in 1989". Clearly the investment is in bricks, mortar, glass and engineering at the cost of people - why else would cheeky staffers hold a Survivors Party last night ?

  • Former BBC Balkans expert Misha Glenny (Mr Kirsty Lang) has been cheered to find that a drama series based on his 2008 book MacMafia is now being co-funded by BBC America and BBC Worldwide, as well as Cuba Pictures and the BBC proper. 

  • Top programme on the BBC last night ? Sadly not The Apprentice, but the bundle of BBC regional and national news shows at 6.30pm -  5.6m viewers in the overnights, a 31% share of the available viewers. 


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