Friday, November 11, 2016

Reigning men

In August 2013, Lord Hall said he wanted half of all 41 local radio breakfast programmes to be hosted or co-hosted by a woman, by the end of 2014.

The BBC internal awards for local radio are made by panels that combine internal and external judges. They still haven't quite grasped Lord Hall's breakfast agenda.

Best Breakfast Programme
2016 Toby Foster, Radio Sheffield
2015 Andy Whittaker, Radio Nottingham
2014 Toby Foster, Radio Sheffield*
2013 Tony Snell, Radio Merseyside

This year's awards ceremony was in Newcastle, and was a chance for nominees to meet the new top man, Ken MacQuarrie, Director of Nations and Regions, along with local radio boss David Holdsworth. It was jointly hosted by Alfie Joey of BBC Radio Newcastle and Britain's Got Talent fame, and fellow impressionist Jon Culshaw.

*Martyn Weston, Toby's managing editor, left Sheffield in April this year. Katrina Bunker is the new editor.

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