Monday, November 7, 2016

People in glass boxes

Lovable spikey-haired Sky News boss John Ryley, 54, (Eastbourne College and Durham) bigs up his new glass box studio in an interview with The Guardian, and spreads around some figures.

He tells the paper that, by the end of this year Sky News will have achieved 1bn views on social media, and on mobile, weekly viewing is 5.1m, up 18% year on year. His considered opinion on the opposition ? " I do feel if I’m honest that over the last 18 months that the BBC News channel has lost a bit of its life and vitality."

For the last complete month of published BARB figures, in September, Sky News had a 0.73% share of the market with viewing average at 10 minutes per head. 18 months ago, Sky's share was 0.80%, with a viewing average of 12 minutes.

The BBC News Channel in September stood at 1.00% share, with 14 minutes viewing per head.  18 months ago its share was 1.05%, with 15 minutes viewing per head.

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