Monday, November 21, 2016

Open goal

Congratulations to Amol Rajan, 33, (Graveney School and Downing College, Cambridge), anointed Media Editor for the BBC.

Amol, still titled Editor-at-large of the no-longer printed Independent, likes rum, reggae and cricket. He has been preparing himself for this big gig by, this week, joining the tasting panel on the Professional Masterchef series, and filling the phone-in gap on the Asian Network left by Nihal Arthanayake's move to Radio 5Live. Apparently he'll still do some radio presenting.

Amol is represented by Knight Ayton Management, and lives in Islington wth his wife Charlotte Faircloth; they met in Cambridge. She thanked him especially in the acknowledgements of her 2013 academic study of Militant Lactivism in London and Paris - "you have been both intellectually demanding and kind, which is a rare but wonderful combination." BBC News boss James Harding is also a big fan, describing Amol as "an exceptional talent", with a "widely-admired" record as editor of The Indie.

"Notes to Editors: Amol was appointed following an open and competitive recruitment process by a BBC News board."   Rather sad they feel the need to stress it....

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