Sunday, November 13, 2016


The advert, internal only, for a new editor of the Today programme on Radio 4, has appeared pretty quickly after the announcement that Jamie Angus, current incumbent, is off to the World Service Group.

Today, apparently without contradiction or challenge, is "the BBC’s primary news-making outlet".

"The editor will aim both to increase the tune-in time for the many millions of existing listeners and, by embracing and supporting new digital initiatives, to reach out to new, younger audiences."

Despite a thirty-year-odd career in radio, I am unfamiliar with the metric 'tune-in time'; Google is no help either, so I may not be applying.

  • A correspondent with more up-to-date knowledge of measuring radio audiences writes that tune-in-time "is not what grown-up audience analysts say. TSL is 'time spent listening' and used as a formal metric in many markets, including the US. 'Hours per listener' is Rajar's equivalent, but is quoted by station, not programme. A sensible hours strategy would use Today to drive up hours per listener across the whole of Radio 4. 'Listen again' metrics aside, trying to grow hours only within Today will be frustrated by lifestyle-driven behaviours like people going to work."

  • At least there's an ad. No sign of one yet for the next Controller of Radio 2.

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