Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dim byd

BBC DG Lord Hall stonewalled Welsh Assembly members this morning, on cuts, portrayal quotas and re-investment - it would all now have to wait til March. Quite how this lets the Assembly judge the BBC's commitments under the new Charter is difficult to say.

We learnt, despite the Bonfire of the Boards, that Lord Hall now chairs an internal BBC UK Forum (which will do little to assuage Welsh sensitivities) at which he will drive forward an even-handed approach to UK portrayal, one of his personal 'top four' objectives.

We learnt that Director of Wales Rhodri Talfan Davies doesn't want a Newsnight Wales/Cymru, and prefers investment in online, music radio and more newsgathering, to reach the 30k to 50k of the Welsh population that doesn't engage with news and current affairs.

I suspect tomorrow the AMs will wake up to what happened.

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