Friday, October 28, 2016

The future

As we drift to the close of October, time to go hunting again for The Future Of News, aka BBC Newstream, aka Ten To Watch.

Where might it be ? There is a page on Facebook, called BBC Stories. It's headed by a video "Murdered for her selfies: Pakistan's 'Kim Kardashian'", published 23 October, yet pinned to the top.

More recently published  - '"I killed my rapist" Sex, honour and blackmail in an online world'.  Five hours ago, a short video "The Skype sex scam - How Arab men get seduced online - and are made to pay for it - WARNING: this story contains descriptions of sexual acts".

Added yesterday: '"How I was shamed by my own husband" Sex, honour and blackmail in an online world' and '"He wanted to use the video of me dancing for revenge" A new project from BBC Arabic looks at sex, honour and blackmail in an online world.'

In the comments, there's a plea from a Facebook user "We've been seeing the same story for more than a week now, multiple times a day at the very least. We all know about it and we all think it was terrible, but please, BBC- stop covering it and shoving it down our throats constantly. News happens all the time and now it's getting to the point where you're neglecting recent news for an old story that you're just repeating over and over again."

The reply: "This a documentary we've released online, and we are showcasing different elements. You can find more recent news stories on BBC News if you'd like up to the minute news updates. Thanks".

To save you time, the top stories on the BBC News Facebook page are, at time of writing, 'UK should keep options open on Brexit -Tony Blair", 'Topless selfie student crashes into Texas police car' and 'I killed my rapist when he came back for my sister'.

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