Monday, October 17, 2016

Taking direction

In a simpler BBC, job titles would be a clear way of understanding the scale, scope and salary of each role. The last decade has seen a casual creeping growth of the title 'Director', now afforded much further down the line.

Does it matter ? Well, if you're a Controller of BBC network radio station, you'll soon report to a Director of Radio who is not on the Executive Board, and who in turn reports to a Director of Radio and Education. One step further away from the top table, and, who knows, in line to be re-branded "Editor", as happened to the Controller roles at BBC2 and BBC4 ?

Will the new Director of Radio be ranked alongside 'big' Directors, like Director of Nations and Regions and Director of Studios ? No. He or she will sit among many...

Director of Marketing & Audiences
Director, BBC Creative
Director, Distribution and Business Development
Director, Homepage and myBBC
Director, Risk and Assurance
Director of Finance
Director of Media Engagement and Marketing & Audiences
Director of Audiences
Director of Strategy
Director, Music
Director, Communications
Director, BBC Sport
Director, World Service Group
Director, Marketing & Audiences, Television

This is by no means an exclusive list. Perhaps the Director of HR can ask HR Director or HR Director, Radio, Finance & Operations, Strategy & Digital or HR Director Television to lead a small working-party to sort this out ?

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