Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sound effects

Coronation Street is getting two new streets on its outdoor set just across the Irwell from MediaCity UK. They will accommodate a police station, a school and a supermarket, allowing the new 6-day soap to cover territory previously occupied by The Bill, Waterloo Road and Dale Winton.

It's mildly entertaining that this news comes just as the producers lost their battle to re-route the planned new Metrolink Tram Station away from the site. They complained that squeaking tram wheels and station announcements from the proposed Imperial War Museum stop would disrupt their recordings. Now they'll just have to live with them.

Can we expect some me-too-ism from the producers of Eastenders ? Will the re-vamped Walford Square soon be the only London post code without a Tesco Metro ? Can the commercial BBC Studios and BBC StudioWorks afford any building variations ? Er..

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