Friday, October 28, 2016

Product placement

The Evening Standard Diary tells us that Jeremy Paxman's autobiography has so far only sold 8,000 copies.

Perhaps Jezza should apply for an appearance on the Gompertz Arts Nug slot, on the extended BBC News at Huw. A Nug is a plug masquerading as news. Last night Will went to Paris to interview art critic John Berger. He's 90 a week on Saturday - perhaps that's enough reason for a piece. Yet he also has a new book out, "Landscapes: John Berger On Art" which Huw was kind enough to mention. It's published by Verso on November 8th at £14.88 hardback.

We also got a shot of the bookcover in the 3 minute 10 second piece, with Will noting 'he's still writing'.

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