Friday, October 28, 2016


Two weeks ago we were told that 300 jobs were to go this financial year at BBC Studios. Now it has ramped up to 314.

In 'Factual' a total of 248 posts will close:

94 posts in London Factual, with the London Documentary team closed altogether
3 posts in Salford (The union BECTU thinks there are more come in Religion based there)
25 posts in the Natural History Unit, Bristol
“No-one does natural history like the BBC. We’ve got the best back catalogue in the world and an exciting future ahead of us" Lord Hall October 2014 
79 in Popular Factual in Bristol
24 posts in Wales
23 posts in Scotland.

In 'Scripted' 56 jobs go

44 posts in London
7 posts in Wales
3 posts in Salford
2 posts in Scotland.

Entertainment, Music and Events - 10 jobs to go, all in London

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