Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ermine overload

Black Dog, columnist in the Mail on Sunday, is tipping Baroness Stowell to succeed Rona Fairhead and become the first chair of the all-new singing-and-dancing ducking-and-weaving BBC unitary board.

Tina has more time on her hands sinced being dropped by Theresa May as Leader of the House Lords. She's spruced up her website, and threatened to start blogging again.

Tina knows the BBC from the inside, having toiled for nine years for the Governors/Trust on comms. She ran William Hague's office when he was Tory Leader, also supporting her heart-throb, Seb Coe. Seb gave her advice on giving up smoking and running marathons; she probably helped him with his aborted run at the BBC Chair, when Rona ended up with the job.

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