Saturday, October 15, 2016

Command and control

The Telegraph has the most detailed version of BBC Newsgathering boss Jonathan Munro's bid to save money on foreign deployments  - set to come into play after the US Presidential election (just count 'em, eh ?).

As I understand it, everything turns on the definition of 'presenter' and 'channel'. Programmes and channels effectively banned from ever sending a 'presenter' to 'present' outside the UK are the BBC News Channel, BBC Breakfast, Victoria Derbyshire, Newsbeat and The Asian Network. No more than one presenter at a time can be abroad for BBC1, so Huw will continue to get first dibs, and the Today Programme will have droit de seigneur for Radio 4. The new rules for Newsnight are less clear.

For lower ranks, unnamed senior executives will now have to sign off all foreign deployments.

It's all a bit miserable and another explicit statement that, never mind the audience, the management only care about and consume Today, the 10 and Newsnight.

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