Tuesday, October 4, 2016


More, belated confirmation that the BBC's grade structure, at least at Band 11, is in a mess.

After stalling since February, the BBC has revealed figures for this third tier of management - from June last year. At that stage, there were 802 staff paid at Band 11 - but 415 were taking home salaries way above the £77,788 roof of their grade, averaging £92k p.a.

That helps to explain the total wage bill for the 802 reaching over £75.3m. The BBC fesses up thus:

With the closure of so many senior manager posts, we would expect roles, especially at the middle management layers to increase in breadth and responsibility which in turn results in them commanding a higher salary. This is at a time when our grading structure (including the roofs of our salary bands) has not kept pace with the changing shape of the BBC or the external market pressures that have driven salary changes in some key parts of the organisation.

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