Saturday, October 22, 2016


The conviction of Gordon Anglesea was, I think, undercooked by our national news outlets yesterday - probably a consequence of Fake Sheikh overkill.

The former policeman superintendent was arrested as part of Operation Pallial, a massive re-investigation of allegations of very nasty child abuse in North Wales care homes. So far 51 people have been arrested or interviewed under caution; nine have been convicted; eight have been acquitted; 73 complaints are still under active investigation, and the CPS is considering evidence against 40.

Anglesea successfully sued the Independent on Sunday and Private Eye back in 1994, accumulating £375k in damages. The website Rebecca, run by journalist Paddy French, has many detailed pieces about him, the various failed trials, and the thread of Freemasonry running in the background. It also is very frank about witness Steve Messham, whose allegations got Newsnight into big trouble, in a fatally flawed report that eventually brought down BBC DG George Entwistle.

More to come, I think...

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