Thursday, September 22, 2016


"BBC journalists paid up to 40 per cent more than commercial rivals"

"Revealed: BBC journalists are paid 40 PER CENT more than their rivals at commercial broadcasters"

"AUNTIE PAY PERKS BBC journalists paid up to 40 per cent more than those who work for commercial rivals ITV and Sky"

A torrid day in the BBC News bunker for hunky boss and presenter James Harding. As unions prepare for 'negotiations' which are clearly aimed at removing long-standing allowances, The Telegraph produced a 'leaked' Price Waterhouse Cooper (accountants to Sir Philip Green's BHS) analysis, commissioned by Mr Harding a year ago, which apparently demonstrates that BBC News pays more at some grades for work not necessarily undertaken by commercial tv, news agencies and newspapers. The Telegraph even persuaded former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale to harrumph: “The BBC’s news coverage is incredibly important, but at a time when the BBC is under severe financial pressure and is having to make reductions in its programming budgets, it does seem surprising that its pay bill is out of line with the commercial sector like this.”

The analysis was originally bundled into Mr Harding's self-penned magnum opus "The Future Of News" and shared with staff back in January.  Who brought the handy graphic and report to the Telegraph's attention this week ? Cui bono, was the unexpressed question over News hacks' soya macchiatos through the day...

Not me, guv, was the tone of a late email from Harding to his staff yesterday. "Across the BBC, we have agreed with the unions to review together our terms and conditions. For this to happen, it is essential that we enter those conversations in good faith and with an open mind. Those discussions are where we are considering the future of the way we work. We will continue to do so, constructively and thoughtfully."

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