Sunday, September 4, 2016

Reputational hymn sheet

"We can see very much our purpose is reputational, it’s safeguarding those genres that other producers or broadcasters don’t necessarily do."

Mark Linsey, Director BBC Studios, in The Guardian online, today.

"This is an exciting business, founded on the reputation of recent titles"

"With a global reputation and rich heritage, it is our ambition to build on that reputation, driving innovation, broadening our offer and deepening our storytelling skills"

"This unit will supply reputational, popular, and critically acclaimed factual television"

"With our global reputation and important co-production partnerships we are confident that we can continue to excel"

 Extracts from a blog by Lisa Opie, Director of Factual, BBC Studios, Friday 26 August.


  1. The only reference to "reputational" I could find was allayed to risk management - and there was me thinking it was a made up word like "characterful" (so overused on Beeb property shows).

  2. "Cut the corporate jargon if you want to improve results"


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