Thursday, September 29, 2016

Prize day

Two BBC News hacks will be shortly be chosen to spend five days at Stanford, as part of what is called "Leadership Development Experience".

Selection will depend upon the way you answer the following three elegantly-crafted questions.

1. Identify what you will gain from this development opportunity; how it will help you in your current role; and how this supports with [sic] your career development ambitions over the next three years. (500 words max)

2. Develop ONE of the two topics below. Identify recent innovations, analyse the editorial considerations and explain the likely direction of further developments considering business need and audience benefit. We are looking for informed research and pan-broadcast industry perspective. (750 words max)

  • use of drones to gather news footage 
  • development of editing software for use in the field 

3. Detail an innovative project you have achieved within your department and the benefits it has delivered to your team and audiences. Identify your personal skills used to deliver the results. (500 words max)

Consideration will be by written application only. Please also upload a 1 page CV.

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