Thursday, September 22, 2016


Ken 'The Enforcer' MacQuarrie has been annointed as the man to pacify the BBC's Nations & Regions, and the MPs who think there should be more broadcasting dosh spent on their constituencies.

 The Gaelic-speaking man from Mull has been in charge of Scotland effectively since 2004.

(My tip, Rhodri from Wales, didn't enter the lists after all...)

Ken's cv includes judgely aportionment of blame in the Newsnight/McAlpine goof, and ruling on the Tyson/Clarkson bout at Top Gear. He's a 63-year-old BBC lifer, coming through school in Oban, Edinburgh University and Moray House College of Education before joining BBC Scotland as a researcher in 1975.  And yes, he birthed BBC Alba.

Residents of the BBC's palatial wide-open spaces at Pacific Quay are now looking forward to further outbreaks of jollity across the sandstone steps as Ken has to decide on his successor between his warring lieutenants. It's been frosty there even in summer. Runners and riders (probably wrong) soon...

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