Monday, September 5, 2016

How's that ?

Obits of 60s counter culture leader and Oz founder Richard Neville largely omit his regular appearances on maintream BBC1.

From July 1968 Tony Palmer produced a weekly yoof chat show "How It Is", which went out at 6pm on Friday evenings. Hosts were Angela Huth and Peter Asher, panellists included Palmer himself, Neville, John Peel and Ronald Fletcher. The 25th October show was not broadcast live, but recorded an hour earlier due to the BBC's concern about the 'October Revolution' that was supposed to be taking place in London that weekend. It finished in December, but survived a further six months in a more appropriate late night slot, under the title "How Late It Is". It was recorded in Hammersmith - and John Peel first met wife-to-be Sheila when she was part of the studio audience.

Neville was also a regular panellist on "At the Eleventh Hour" on Saturday nights, with Miriam Margolyes and Roger McGough with musical contributions from Jeannie Lambe and The Scaffold.

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