Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Four Wheels Good

The BBC paid out £1,171,866 in car allowances to 216 managers in 2015/16 - but that's not the full story of their running costs.

The same 216 claimed back a total of £14,800 in parking charges. And £8,855 was claimed for mileage when their BBC car was used for work purposes. Of course, your own car is not always convenient - so the 216 also racked up £29,104-worth of taxi journeys.

And sometimes, say abroad, you need another car - a mere £583 was spent by the 216 on hire over the year, but a remarkable £2,207 was claimed on fuel to go in these cars.

The BBC would like you to know this:

“The BBC ended new car allowances 4 years ago. As existing contractual entitlements lapse they will be removed from the pay structure where possible. There are strict guidelines for staff taxi use and all staff are encouraged to use public transport where possible. Recipients of a BBC car allowance are, of course, allowed to use hire cars on overseas trips.”

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