Monday, August 1, 2016

The Radio Pathway

Since the house website Ariel went internal-only again, your favourite blogger has to piece together the re-shaping of the BBC from various forms of spoor, including new job vacancies.

This ad, for an HR Project Manager, has two words that feel uncomfortable - 'radio', soon to be missing from the BBC's Executive Board, and 'pathway', which I associate with the 'Liverpool Pathway', an old, abandoned way of making the dying slightly more comfortable with drugs. Beyond that it's possible to decode that Radio is being restructured to make it easier to close down most in-house production over the next six years.

Radio Division is entering an important phase as it looks to implement the Division’s people plans for Compete or Compare. It will be restructuring the Music Stations to separate in-house production from the Network & Commissioning teams.

This restructuring coincides with the roll-out of the BBC’s Career Pathway Framework. Radio will need to ensure that their roles map into the new job families. 

For new readers, Compete and Compare is a mantra devised by James Purnell, seen by the unions as a piece of Government appeasement. Pundits think Mr Purnell will be running network radio from the autumn. Being mapped into new job families is never as cosy as it sounds.

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