Monday, August 22, 2016

Jimmy riddle

The FT has noticed the peculiar rise to content management of James Purnell at the BBC. Correspondent David Bond (once BBC Sports Editor) has BBC sources saying that the former Labour Cabinet minister was given responsibility for education programmes following an interview by BBC non-executive directors Dame Fiona Reynolds and Alice Perkins. Ms Perkins is Mrs Jack Straw. (Mr Purnell is far right - visually)

David sought comment from Tory MP Damian Collins, in the running to be Chairman of the Culture Select Committee. "There have to be big questions about the process the BBC has run here,” said Mr Collins. “It seems odd that such a senior appointment would be made without a proper, formal process and it begs the question was there special consideration of his political background?”

The BBC says there was a process, which is entertaining. “There were interview processes that resulted in the range of changes announced in July to the key leadership team at the BBC. They included, as appropriate, some of the BBC’s non-executive directors who have careers and independent professional stature separate to whatever roles their husbands may have performed in the past.”

But how did James know how to apply for the unadvertised role of Director of Strategy and Education ?  Was there a role spec ? Were there other candidates ? A short-list of any sort ? Psychometric testing ? Role-playing workshops ?  And if, as many believe, James emerges with custody of network radio in the autumn, was that considered at the same interview ? How on earth can that be fair, transparent, open ?

  • Alan Davey, Controller of Radio 3, was the civil servant in charge of the culture bit of the DCMS when James Purnell was Culture Secretary. The Spectator believes James 'helped' Alan into his next job, as CEO of the Arts Council.

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