Wednesday, August 17, 2016


A survey of 502 viewers in Scotland by ICM for the BBC Trust could only find 24 who had watched BBC Alba. They put that down as 5% of the total potential audience in Scotland, which would be something over 250,000. That compares with BBC Alba's own research putting reach above 600,000.

ICM say the sample is too small to make sense of perceptions of Alba, though they do say that 13 of those interviewed were 'neutral', 12 'favourable' and one didn't know. And the message on the amount of Gaelic was mixed...

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  1. Scottish media issues are covered by the John Beattie Media Podcast
    on THURSDAYs..with ex-Channel 4 executive Stuart Cosgrove.
    On August 18th he covered Alba and Gaelic language stats, pointing out that many new young people listen now.
    - Strangely 2 months ago he was more negative pointing out Scotland has more Polish than Gaelic speakers with Urdu not far behind so the BBC should be providing services for them.


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